The Anima

Come meet them, learn about them, and find yourself in them.


The rarest and most curious of birds, Pico comes from the mystic depths of the mountain jungles of Guatemala. Though it hasn't been here long, it's excited to explore Guatemala and learn more about the lovely and strange birds it's seen here thus far. 

- Bird seed

- Colors

- The forest


Born from the teachings of men, Toro is the representative of the masculine force and experience. Headstrong, bullish, and brazen, Toro believes itself to be the ideal man and is always ready to defend that position from any who would say otherwise. If only it still remembered what it was like when it first arrived; if only it remembered that it was still an Anima.

- Alcohol

- Women 

- Honor 


- Pico 

- Women

-Empty bottles


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