An-i-ma - /'anəmə/ 
1. The soul. 

2. The expression of the unconscious or true inner self of an individual (C.G. Jung).

502 - Guatemala's int. calling code 

The World of Anima502
An Internal and External Exploration

Anima 502 aims to create discourse in Guatemala and between Guatemalans about the topics, aspirations, worries, and problems of the country and its people. What does it mean to be Guatemalan? Who or what defines it? What unifies us? Why aren't we as unified as we could be? Why does this matter in the first place? These are some of the questions that Anima502 seeks to ask. 

Part photography project, part social commentary, part narrative in the tradition of magical realism, Anima502 is a new way to explore the country and through that, ourselves. 

Enter the world of Anima502, one not too far from our own, and follow the exploration of The Anima as they try to make sense of the country. 

What does it mean to be Guatemalan?  


From the deepest part of our psyche come these strange and mysterious beings. Not of our world, but intrinsically linked to it, what can we learn through their adventures in this country? Come meet them! 

Perhaps you already know them; perhaps you find yourself among them. 

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